CR-TAC-NX SINGLE PTT Tactical Headset

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CR-TAC-NX Single PTT Tactical Headset

Noise cancelling Dual Muff headset with "hear through" technology using electronic amplification of ambient sounds. Headset connects to PTT with a Nexus TP-120 plug wired to the US NATO standard. Features 5 levels of battery powered sound amplification, allowing for enhanced situational awareness. The noise cancelling electret condensing boom mic can be moved from left side to the right side. Ear muff cups are slim design to promote good "cheek weld" when sighting in a rifle. Cables are reinforced with Kevlar. Used by SWAT, HAZMAT and Tactical Units.

Demanded by LE Tactical Teams, the CR-TAC Tactical Headset provides an edge in tactical communications by enhanced electronic amplification of your ambient surroundings. Be able to hear footsteps or enhance audible surroundings by increasing the amplification volume. When comms are too noisy, turn down amplification or power off for full noise reduction.

Features a Nexus connector ( not compatible with our modular series) wired to US NATO standard.The Dual PTT is a metal bodied, waterproof (IP67) submersible PTT. Connection to headset is waterproof. Constructed military grade design, not a plastic consumer grade device. Metal alligator clip affixes to uniform/clothing. It is available with K and M down leads (Kenwood and Motorola 2-pin connectors).

Amplified PTT:

The NX PTT AMP is an amplified version of the NX PTT. For use with low Impendence or Dynamic Headset mics in high noise situations. It increases the sound level of the transmission on dynamic mics (Peltor, CR-MILTAC). The NX PTT AMP shows it’s benefits in low ambient noise transmission situations and can amplify sound about 10dBs. 

Mic Options:

  • Standard Boom Mic: A first of its kind, the electronics were upgraded for much clearer communications and feedback. Features a robust mounting clip to secure the mouth piece in place with the headset, while stationary or on the move. Each boom mic will have a wind sock.
  • Dynamic Boom Mic: Low sensitivity mic for high noise applications such as weapon fire or high noise environments. Features a robust mounting clip to secure the mouth piece in place with the headset, while stationary or on the move. They require additional “activation energy” to transmit.
  • Throat Mic: We have adapted our popular throat mic with a 2.5mm adapter which can be connected to the microphone port.

Requires 2x AAA batteries (batteries not included)
* Helmet not included.
* ARC rail or EXFIL rail adapters not included.


  • Dual Ear Muff headset with "hear through" technology and noise cancelling electronics.
  • Ambient sound amplification for heightened situational awareness.
  • OSHA compliant hearing protection for high noise environments. NRR Rating 24dB.
  • IP 65 rated for dust/liquid ingress protection
  • Ambidextrous boom mic for right or left handed users.
  • US NATO headset connection, compatible with our LE proven Pro/NX series PTT's, Peltor, and MSA Sordin PTT's.
  • Available Options Include: Arc Rail Adapter for OPS Core Ballistic Helmet, Silicone Ear Pads, Dynamic Boom Mic(coming soon), and Throat Mic.
  • Mounts onto OPS-CORE Ballistic Helmets using our CR-TAC ARC rail helmet adapter.
  • Mounts onto Team Wendy/EXFIL ballistic helmets using our CR-TAC EXFIL rail helmet adapter.
  • Available for Motorola APX, XPR, XTS series radios, all Kenwood Multi-Pin radios, and Motorola and Kenwood 2-Pin radio connections.