NX Dual PTT K-B for Baofeng UV82HP

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NX Dual PTT K-B for Baofeng UV-82HP

Be in control of your tactical team with the new NX Dual PTT Tactical Headsets. Can listen up to 4 radio channels simultaneously depending on radio. Features a Nexus connector (not compatible with our modular series) wired to US NATO standard.The Dual PTT is a metal bodied, waterproof (IP67) submersible PTT. Connection to headset is waterproof. Constructed military grade design, not a plastic consumer grade device. Metal clip affixes to uniform or clothing. The Molle clip can be reversed to be used on left or right side of vest. A single down-lead K connector specifically developed for Baofeng UV-82HP. Grey is Channel A, Black is Channel B.

The Baofeng UV-82HP is a relatively new handheld radio. Like most Baofeng (or the Btech company) radios, it has Dual Channel Monitoring Mode. It comes with a dual PTT so you do not have to switch the A/B channel button to communicate on the 2 channels. It can also use a headset with the standard Kenwood 2-Pin connector, our K connector.

Amplified PTT:

The NX PTT AMP is an amplified version of the NX PTT. For use with low Impendence or Dynamic Headset mics in high noise situations.  It increases the sound level of the transmission on dynamic mics (Peltor, CR-MILTAC). The NX PTT AMP shows it’s benefits in low ambient noise transmission situations and can amplify sound about 10dBs. They require additional “activation energy” to transmit.

*Headset not included.

*Our PTTs adhere to the US NATO specification for headset to PTT connections and we have tested against Peltor headsets and PTTs as a benchmark. We show comparable performance and compatibility to Peltor for both our headsets and PTTs. We have been made aware that Ops Core AMPs headsets are not compatible with our PTTs and we cannot recommend their usage.

*To ensure proper waterproof sealing, fully push the US NATO plug into the PTT. This creates a seal when both a waterproof headset and waterproof PTT are used with our products.

4 Reviews

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    5 Stars

    Posted by Josh Savoie on 6th Sep 2022


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    5 Stars

    Posted by patrick bouchard on 6th Sep 2022

    fast and reliable

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    Best PTT in the market for UV-82HP!

    Posted by Hank Baron on 6th Sep 2022

    I was a bit nervous to buy your PTT worked out AWESOME!! My Peltor and your PTT arrived same day and although it took me probably 10 tries to get my Peltors on the helmet..then the mic and have it all oriented right. But in the end I got it all hooked up right and everything works BEAUTIFUL! Your PTT works perfectly and no amp was needed as per the naysayers. Everything was clear and both channels worked PERFECTLY! I am so happy with this purchase and your product. I’ll surely share this with my friends and maybe even do a YouTube on it. I feel I have just an awesome cos setup and your PTT was a key piece at a fair price…. Bravo! X 100

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    Posted by David Gutierrez on 6th Sep 2022

    Switch from usps! They are unreliable. Still waiting on package after paying for better shipment!