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New Product Alert

We gathered feedback from law enforcement and as well of our customers on the Battle Zero Headset. We've listened, we've evolved and we created a headset for your needs. We're calling it the Battle Zero-NX BM. The BattleZero-NX BM is a new modified version of the Battle Zero, it features a lightweight hybrid bone conduction headset with an added Electret Boom Mic. The hybrid bone conduction speakers are positioned in front of the ears and push sound through the air into the ear canal.


Tech Bulletin: Amplified PTTs – Do You Need Them?

If you are familiar with Tactical Headsets, you are very familiar with Tactical PTTs. What you may not be so intimate with is the function and utility of an amplified PTT. At this point a refresher course on Boom Mics and High Noise Headsets would be a good idea (see previous Technical Bulletins archive in our Blog listing). We will cover these topics here in broad brush strokes, but if you crave more detail I would suggest going back to those previous articles.

CR Miltac

Tech Bulletin : What You Need To Know About Dual Ear Muff Headsets And The Tech Process Behind CR-MILTAC

After several years of research and development, codeRED has recently launched the CR-TAC and CR-MILTAC headset family of products. This article explains the features and subtleties of a modern tactical headset and helps our dealer base make informed purchasing decisions that offer the best solution for their customers.