TBCH B/M Tactical Bone Conduction Headset

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TBCH-PRO B/M Tactical Bone Conduction Headset

Professional heavy duty tactical binaural bone conduction headset that allows the operator to send and receive radio transmissions through facial bones. Dual bone conduction temple speakers to send and receive, leaving your ears free to allow 360 degrees of situational awareness. Boom Mic is best for high noise because of its noise cancelling and directional features. Used by SWAT, HAZMAT and Gang Units.

Features a US NATO plug.

- Interchangeable design provides flexible mounting options.
- Has Kevlar® reinforced cables to guarantee reliability.
- It can be worn with a mask and helmet.
- Ideal for Tactical Teams, SWAT, and Gang Units
- One year warranty.

Available for Motorola & Kenwood Two-Way Radios, MIL STD-810.

*To ensure proper waterproof sealing, fully push the US NATO plug into the PTT. This creates a seal when both a waterproof headset and waterproof PTT are used with our products.