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Tech Bulletin

NX Amplified PTTs
Boom Mic Overview
ARC Rail Adapter Installation
Baofeng UV 9R & GT-3WP Connector
Dual PTT Overview
Modular PTT Bypass
IP Rating Overview
Tactical Headset with Cell Phone Connections
codeRed NX Dual PTT K-B for Baofeng UV-82HP
US Nato Connector
Dual Ear Muff Headset Overview

Product Guides

Code Red Headsets Product Guide
Code Red Training Guide
CR Moto Instructions

BlueLink Bluetooth Manuals

BlueLink RSM Remote Speaker Microphone
BlueLink RSM Remote Speaker Microphone - App Setup
BlueLink Dual Muff Headset
BlueLink Product Line Offerings
BlueLink Radio Adapter Manual-Multi Pin
BlueLink Radio Adapter Manual-Simple Pin
BlueLink BPSM Manual-Shoulder Mic
BlueLink LPM Manual-Lapel Mic
BlueLink WP/WL Manual-Wireless Tactical PTT
BlueLink WCK Manual-Wireless Covert Kit

Earpiece Resources

Comfort EEZ Replacement Eartips
Clear Tube Earpiece Maintenance
Ear Mold Sizing Chart

Surveillance Resources

Silent Jr HR8
Silent Clear-Tube Earpiece
Guard Soft-Hook Earpiece
Earpiece Quick Sheet
Executive QD Three Wire

Speaker Microphone Resources

Hot Shot Waterproof Speaker Microphone

Tactical Headset Manuals

CR-MILTAC Dual Muff Headset
Assault Throat Mic Manual
Tactical Bone Conduction Headset Manual
Battle Zero Manual
Close Quarters Battle Tactical Headset Manual

Product Flyers

Blue Link High Noise Headsets for Fire Departments

NX Product Line
TBCH-Pro Description
Bone Conduction Headset Technology Overview
Tactical Bone Conduction Headset
Close Quarters Battle Tactical Headset

Replacement Part Resources

Battery Flyer