Battle Zero-NX BM Tactical Hybrid Bone Conduction Headset

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Battle Zero-NX BM Hybrid Bone Conduction Headset

The BattleZero-NX BM is a new modified version of the Battle Zero, it features a lightweight hybrid bone conduction headset with an added Electret Boom Mic. The hybrid bone conduction speakers are positioned in front of the ears and push sound through the air into the ear canal. The speakers do not block your ears, thereby improving situational awareness. The open ear design of the Battle Zero-NX BM not only contributes to situational awareness but also facilitates the use of foam hearing protection or electronic earbuds/hearing protection alongside the headset. The Battle Zero-NX BM is designed with a separate configuration from the helmet, enabling communication even when the user is not wearing the helmet. This works great for Law Enforcement and other tactical teams. Features a US NATO plug.

The microphone utilizes an electret boom mic for enhanced performance in sending audio in environments with high levels of noise, while excelling in most other scenarios. An overhead adjustable Velcro strap is added for a more secure fit than the original version. Rear straps are now adjustable for a better fit. It is compatible with US NATO connections and can be used in conjunction with the NX and Pro series Push-to-Talk (PTT) systems.

- Can be used with hearing aids.
- Separate hearing protection can be used in one or both ears.
- Hybrid-Bone Conduction speaker performance greatly increased with use of hearing protection.
Used by law enforcement agencies, border patrol and military personnel.
- 1 year warranty