BlueLink Bluetooth Public Safety Speaker Microphone

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BlueLink Bluetooth Public Safety Speaker Microphone

Our BlueLink bluetooth Public Safety heavy duty wireless speaker shoulder microphone eliminates all cords tied to your portable radio. Simply attach one of our BlueLink radio adapters (sold separately) to your radio, pair it with the BPSM and off you go!

  • It has long talk time-up to 10 hours.
  • The high quality directional microphone transmits clearly every time.
  • Heavy duty rotating spring loaded clothing clip can be attached directly to a shirt, shoulder strap or tactical vest.
  • Has a built in earphone jack for additional privacy and security; is a standard 3.5mm audio port. Can be used with our Silent Jr 3.5, Guard Jr 3.5, Crew Jr 3.5, or Shield Jr 3.5 earpieces.
  • You will be impressed with the clear sound when transmitting and receiving in this mic.
  • Measures 3.50" H x 2.5" W x 1.0" D and weighs less than 3.5 ounces.
  • Operational range of up to 30 feet from your portable radio.
  • Includes charger, charging cable, and instruction manual.
****NOTE: For radios with internal Blue Tooth, you will need to use our BlueLink Blue Tooth Adapter as well. The PTT function will not work with the Blue Tooth protocol.

Instructions: First get your BlueLink-BPSM into pairing mode and then get your BlueLink Adapter into pairing mode. Make sure when they both are in pairing mode that they are next to each other and that there are no other Bluetooth devices nearby that would interfere with the BlueLink pairing process.